You're going to be way happier doing what you actually love and finding other people that love the same thing than doing something that other people love so you're just cooler and you have cool friends.


UF is Utilization Flight. That got put in the manifest quite some time ago.

Linda M. Godwin

There is still so much room for me to get better. Everyone in this sport evolves so quickly. You could take six months off and come back to a totally different game. That's why I'm always in the gym working. Even if I don't have a fight lined up, I'm still in there working to improve my overall game.

Stipe Miocic

Like many physical diseases, anti-Semitism is highly infectious, and can become endemic in certain localities and societies. Though a disease of the mind, it is by no means confined to weak, feeble, or commonplace intellects; as history sadly records, its carriers have included men and women of otherwise powerful and subtle thoughts.

Paul Johnson

I want listeners to feel as though they went through an experience.

Adrian Younge

The cosplayers are very fun. The kids are the best. Everyone is a kid at a comic con. There are some amazing stuff that goes on at these cons. The people have a blast. It's so neat to see the fans lining up to see you and talk with you. And asking you questions.

Michael Rooker