You might have a great fence, a great shoot, run, and swim, but you might get a dodgy horse. Each country supplies the horse; you get 20 minutes to warm up with it, and then you have to do the jumping course. Pentathlon's difficult because everything has to come together.

Chloe Esposito

When I was younger, I'd be in the studio three days straight to get something right, and my manager would be like, 'Go home!' Even now, I still sleep in the studio sometimes, but I can't do it quite as often. I've got gigs; I can't have my hobo beard! But if you love what you're doing, you can't stop. It's obsessive.


I definitely find my time to be away from my phone because I think that's but when it comes to work and friends, I feel like everything is on my phone. I'll, like, leave my phone in my room for a few hours when I need my space.

Sofia Richie

I'm so proud, and it brilliant to be a world champion.

Liam Smith

I'm just going to do things that I like to do, sing songs that I like to sing.

Carmen Cusack

Since I'm essentially optimistic, I can't imagine a world in which man is totally decimated or degraded.