You can't to vegan if you're not. Some people are absolute. Some people are able to be gradual.

Russell Simmons

By the I stepped down as Xerox's CEO in 2009 – and as chairman in January 2010 – Xerox had become the vibrant, profitable and revitalized company that it still is today. What made the difference was a strong turnaround plan, people and a firm commitment from company leaders.

Anne M. Mulcahy

In a home where there is an able-bodied husband, he is expected to be the breadwinner.

My mother's English, and she always was fascinated by the desert.

Arizona Muse

I always tell guys to get paid what you are and know what you are worth so that if you are worth it, you will get that number.

Samoa Joe

Being a bad guy is fun for me.

Daniel Bryan