Whether you watch 'Law and Order' all the time or not, everyone knows what it looks like. Everyone knows what the courtroom looks like, what the police precinct looks like.

Samira Wiley

Well, one thing I'm really interested in, when I'm writing, is being accurate.

Sharon Olds

I did so many acting jobs for nothing. I was in a play that opened on Christmas Eve above a police precinct on 54th Street. Three people showed up. One of them was an agent. It was my first agent.

Bobby Cannavale

I have much to say about the pain I've felt and seen inside of prison. It has been an eye-opening and harrowing experience.

Lane Garrison

I don't feel like basketball is the only way to make a living.

Derek Fisher

Using Waze, they're saving time on the road, money on gas, and emissions into the environment – a proposition they really can't turn down. But more than that, drivers use Waze because they feel they are part of a community, working together to overcome the global headache that is traffic.

Noam Bardin