When you begin to write poems because you love language, because you love poetry. Something happens that makes you write poems. And the writing of poems is incredibly pleasurable and addictive.

C. K. Williams

I think pressure exists in a situation only when you are unsure of your and people are expecting a lot from you due to your lineage.

The process is intense and the producers, who are intelligent men, are bringing in new people for a fresh look at a complicated project that has been in the making for 10 years.

Ednita Nazario

I had actually hurt my neck, and because I went a while without getting it taken care of – it was pushing up against the back of my heart – and because I have heart issues, they it was this whole big deal. So I spent a good three days in the hospital, two nights in the ICU.

Austin Carlile

I've been to Oculus a few times to do book signings and things and they tell me 'Ready One' is, like, required reading for new employees.

Ernest Cline

He has a head, two arms, two legs, just as I.

Bernard Hinault