When I walk outside, people have something to say about it.

Lana Del Rey

Peer-to-peer lenders originally sought to attract retail investors to its loan marketplace, but the of high-returning assets elsewhere in the market has made these platforms increasingly attractive to major asset managers and hedge funds.

Kayla Tausche

I've put out records over the years, whether it's with Blackfield or No-Man or Bass Communion or Porcupine Tree, that are pop records, ambient records, metal records, singer- records.


We were lumped into the Lite Metal radio bands.

Kip Winger

I've been to parties in L.A. that are mind-blowing. I mean, quite literally mind-blowing. People get cellphones in the party bag, that sort of thing. Fabulous, fabulous parties.

Victoria Beckham

Lives in previous centuries for women are largely a of class. It would have been fun to have been a rich, privileged woman in the 18th century, but no fun at all to be her maid.

Antonia Fraser