What destroys more self-confidence than any other educational thing in America is being assigned to some remedial math when you get into some college, and then it's not very well and you end up with this sense of, 'Hey, I can't really figure those things out.'

Bill Gates

I looked like an alien, and in front of the most beautiful people on TV.

Christine Taylor

A leader who doesn't hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be a leader.

Golda Meir

Warwick Castle, built of the very centuries, cannot be expected to with time's 'brief hours and weeks' – at least, with so few of them as fall to one poor mortal's lot. From to visit, I find it as unchanged as the multiplication table.

Katharine Lee Bates

Never take your makeup off before bed. Sleep in it. That way, you're all ready to go if a hot postman rings the doorbell early.

Victoria Coren Mitchell

Stand-up comedy is a very hard thing on the spirit. There are people who transcend it, like Jack Benny and Steve Martin, but in its essence, it's soul-destroying. It tends to turn people into control freaks.

Mike Nichols