We need to secure our southern border. Clearly, the southern border is now a nexus between and national security. It's a sieve.

Ryan Zinke

The is that the dream of 'two states for two peoples,' born in the '90s, died in the noughties. The two-state solution, the and principled option for so long now, is neither practical nor possible.

Mehdi Hasan

Wouldn't want to write the X-Men, and I suppose the X-Men is the ultimate Marvel comic, and I really wouldn't want to go anywhere near it at all, although on the other had I wouldn't mind having a crack at something like the Punisher.

Garth Ennis

I tend to be shy in asking people for photos – other that I really like and admire.

Online, offline, it's gotta be the same.

Angela Ahrendts

I have a certain sensibility that I bring to my writing that comes from knowing two things: what I as a reader like to read, and what as a writer I am of. I know my own limits. I know there are things I cannot do.

Paullina Simons