Values unrelated to modern reality are not just electorally hopeless, the values themselves become devalued. They have no purchase on the real world.

Tony Blair

I'm not a stand-up comedian. I'm not an improv person or anything, but I've always been a fan of that stuff.

Haley Joel Osment

The film business was a great lesson in business combat and what it takes to survive.

Larry Wilcox

Ric Flair was such a huge part of my childhood and teen years. He's an icon.

Darius Rucker

Apart altogether from our own vital interests, we cannot and must not desert those other nations who have already gone through so much tragedy and suffering to defeat the evil designs of the Axis powers.

Stafford Cripps

In these difficult financial times for so many of our districts, as our local leaders strive to balance their budgets by cutting services, we would be irresponsible not to invest in the arts.

Louise Slaughter