Two out of every five people on today owe their lives to the higher crop outputs that fertilizer has made possible.

Bill Gates

I met Milos in 1967. I was working on a film. And there is Milos Forman. So that's how I met Milos.

Vincent Schiavelli

Little details about young footballers catch your eye when you have been around a big club for a long time. At first, it can be minor things, like the way certain young players stand out from the group when the academy lads cross paths with the senior team on their way to training in the morning.

Paul Scholes

If you think there is anything in theater that objectively exists without your point of view attached, you are wrong.

Anna D. Shapiro

I quit smoking well over twenty years ago.

Shelley Berman

I am a huge 'Bigg Boss' fan, and I have watched every season.

Hina Khan