consumer has been unfair for decades. have had a monopoly on financial services and have been able to overcharge and underserve consumers.

Taavet Hinrikus

The Israeli public's willingness to enlist, the warm embrace for the soldiers and the residents of the south, and the desire to contribute and to at any given really warm the heart, and it gives all of us strength.

Yair Lapid

It's very to juggle a science fair as well as your schoolwork.

Ann Makosinski

A modern economy is marked by the feasibility of endogenous change: Modernization brings myriad arrangements from expanded property rights to company law and financial institutions.

Edmund Phelps

I am a very sensitive person, very impulsive and emotional.

Beth Gibbons

I've always felt a certain guilt to have them labeled as 'Christina's sisters' or, 'That's Christina's mom' but them looking for the respect to be Elizabeth and Danielle and Carmen.

Christina Milian