There's a lot of creativity in the industry, but I don't necessarily think that the most creative DJs or producers are always the biggest ones. I think it would be nice to see more of an culture to different music. I think that's happening. With Spotify, I think are discovering a lot of artists they might not discover otherwise.


If the financial system collapses, it's really, really to put it back together again.

Henry Paulson

I know, for me, that I have always been very conscious of how I dress when I go to the studio, I'm very conscious of my body language when I'm working – a lot of times, I'm the only female in the room. It's a very male-dominated profession. I'm always around guys. Guys are going to try you all day, and they're going to flirt all day.

Sevyn Streeter

I simply want to take a break and catch my breath. But I also think that, sometimes, the bravest thing you can do is to deliberately keep some time free and see what the world throws at you.

Ruth Wilson

Never let inexperience get in the way of ambition.

Terry Josephson

I was raised in that generation where it was all 'Women can have it all!' and I don't think you can. I think something falls off the table. The good thing is that the things that stay on the table become so much more important.

Drew Barrymore