There is nothing negative about a of people crying out for democracy – and if my voice counts, I will be vocal.

Shirin Neshat

Triangle chokes are the for cowards. I would never stoop to that level of locking my legs around a man and squeezing.

Chael Sonnen

Pau Gasol is extremely in Spain. I don't know how much he sells, but I get nothing in Spain. The money goes to the league, and they use it for whatever they choose to use it for to run the league.

Michael Heisley

I've over on stage a couple of times, but I've only ever bruised my ego.

Imelda Staunton

Narrow banks could restart effective intermediation and ensure that consumers and employment-creating and medium-size enterprises are adequately financed and can to the reactivation of the economy.

Edmund Phelps

I was never a big comic book fan. I was always more into the baseball cards.

Tracy Morgan