The relationship with producers has always, in my experience, been, uhhh – tense. Challenging. But the actors and crew become like family. You're there all those hours – more than on a movie. You come to depend on each other.

David Morse

As much as I love a smart kid who can spell nicely, I love a giggling kid wrapped in loo roll pretending to be a mummy even more.

Katie Hopkins

My mother relied on her memory to do things because she couldn't read. Part of that was not really knowing numbers.

Edward P. Jones

Very rarely am I attracted to characters that are 'woe is me.' I'm not a big fan of women that have to be the victim and need to be saved, at all times. I don't necessarily think that's how it is, in real life, and I don't think that's how it should be in films.

Mila Kunis

Playing to a stadium is not for everyone because you are essentially gambling, big-time. You have to go all in on production. You can't hold back.

Matt Bellamy

I thought I was going to grow up and become a diplomat and negotiate nuclear arms.

Timothy D. Snyder