The present practice is to impress one's own discoveries, opinions and principles on the child by constantly directing his actions. The last thing to be realised by the educator is that he really has before him an entirely new soul, a real self whose first and chief right is to think over the things with which he comes in contact.

Ellen Key

Good scripts have always been, I think, hard to find. Good storytelling, good writing – it's just not easy. I have made it a point that – if I'm going to put the energy into doing this work – I will wait until I find something I'm really happy with.

Chris Cooper

The fitness industry has long thrived off the well-intended coming through their doors and signing up with dreams of self-improvement, only to fade into their couches. Those who stick with it often feel like hamsters on treadmills.

Mary Pilon

Indian films never show cows. When you go to India, the most noticeable thing is the cows. Everywhere you look, there's cows walking around! Just by introducing the idea of animals – livestock walking around – suddenly makes it more real.

Gurinder Chadha

You own your identity; it is important to feel that way.

Henry Golding

Well, I can't remember not being able to read. I was told I could read by myself very well at the age of three.

Diana Gabaldon