The MLS is a fantastic competition, and it is growing all the time.

Fernando Torres

For me, I had that reputation as being a guy that did a lot of stuff early on in my career, but to me, at the time I needed to do that in order to be noticed. Eventually, my style evolved and started making it to where every match wasn't about a dive outside of the ring.

Sean Waltman

Reaching out to other is important work. I am so pleased and honored that I'm getting the attention from the young people on social media. It's been missing.

Maxine Waters

Nobody does anything for one reason.

Russell Banks

'Upstream Color' in particular, it's got to infect culture at some level in order to have a life of its own. Then it'll be judged, and it'll either live or it won't by its own merit, and history will decide whether it's relevant however long into the future. I think that's more than enough to for.

Shane Carruth

Older men get lovable, and older women get monstrous.

Eileen Myles