The Libor system is structurally flawed. It is a major problem for our system and for the confidence in the financial system. We need to address it.

Ben Bernanke

I've been doing a lot of work with my brilliant trainer Pat Manocchia, who has a gym called La Palestra. He's trained me for every big show I've done, every demanding 8-show week that requires stamina, like 'Sunset Boulevard' and 'Gypsy.'

Betty Buckley

I just think there is a part of your brain that is supposed to be afraid of getting old, even if you're not really.

Maura Tierney

My sound is, at its core, a mix of things. Definitely an imperfect mix, but one that incorporates elements of the music I love – a bit of indie rock, super rhythmic rapping, and lots of synths.

K. Flay

If anyone approaches me and asks if I'm Mollie from The Saturdays, I'm immediately shy and embarrassed.

Mollie King

I miss California… I love driving.

Michael Stuhlbarg