The evolution of the plaza always came from the idea of just a really good place to a skateboard that you could ride at anytime, and that's what the foundation always stands for – being a place that's free, open and legal… for those that are technical, to do really hard stuff, and for those who are learning, to just have fun.

Rob Dyrdek

I love the leisurely amplitude, the spaciousness, of taking a walk, of heading somewhere, anywhere, on foot. I love the adventure of it: setting out and taking off.

Edward Hirsch

I often think you need a lot of courage to be in the acting business. The job itself can be incredibly challenging for various reasons. Sometimes it's impossible and requires guts.

Sarah Alexander

New Hampshire polling are unreliable because, when you call the Granite State's registered and independents in the middle of dinner and ask them who they're going to for, they have a mouth full of mashed potatoes and you can't understand what they say.

P. J. O'Rourke