The dome of the U.S. Capitol has fallen into severe disrepair… As the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, which oversees of the Capitol's physical plant, I have serious concerns about the consequences of omitting this funding from the stopgap spending measure.

Chuck Schumer

Critics who do the weekly recap, I find that kind of absurd. That's like reviewing chapters in a novel.

Terence Winter

As we returned to Argentina, I seriously to work towards a doctoral degree under the of Professor Stoppani, the Professor of Biochemistry at the Medical School.

Cesar Milstein

Death comes for us all. Even for he comes.

Robert Bolt

I like to keep in touch with younger photographers. It's important that a younger generation comes up and questions the assumptions made by old farts like me.

Martin Parr

Maino is an that I feel walks what he talks – you can tell what he raps about and what he's been through is very similar. You've got a lot of rappers that rap about what they've heard or seen, but I think Maino is one of the rappers that has actually lived it.