The Constitution grants only Congress – not the president – the power 'to borrow money on the credit of the United States.'

Laurence Tribe

The clash of civilizations or the clash between Islam and the West may be cliches. But there is an even bigger cliche around: that this clash actually goes on within Islam, between reformists and fanatics.

Pankaj Mishra

Then no matter what goes on around you in the physical universe, hang on to what you know.

Lindsay Wagner

I never really had the fun teens of the world because I was sitting at home, learning programming.

Markus Persson

One of the things that we're missing from our political dialogue right now is the idea that the United States is a home. It is more than an accounting sheet. It is more than the sum of its G.D.P., its total tax collections, or its total outlays. is a family.

Stephen Miller

The most important thing for me, when somebody asks me what I class as being a success, is being a decent human being.

Alesha Dixon