'The Black Magician Trilogy' was about a conflict between and was very limited and almost claustrophobic in its range of settings, while 'The Age of the Five' was about a conflict between continents.

Trudi Canavan

I wasn't ever advised by Sullivan of anything ever being wrong.

Bernard Ebbers

Find a way to get a -body massage every day.

S. Jay Olshansky

The old adage that you shouldn't change a winning team doesn't apply in modern international football because managers have to study the opposition and players who exploit their weaknesses.

Glenn Hoddle

My mother and my father have been married 50 years, and he's just started to understand that something's wrong with the system. He accepted the whole thing, you see. Yet this industrious kind of engagement didn't bring him the success, according to American terms, that he wanted. I was probably affected by this very much. In fact, I know I was.

Huey Newton

White paint is my marble.

Cy Twombly