The appellation of a Scottish Bard is by far my highest pride; to continue to deserve it is my most exalted ambition.

Robert Burns

Anyone can wear glitter, even a woman in her 60s. It's all about techniques. Instead of applying glitter all over the face, you can just add a little to the inner corner of your eyes or on your brow bone, or even on your Cupid's bow. It just adds this magical element to your makeup.

Michelle Phan

When I came into the business, things changed a lot, and my life was in a real state of flux.

Rachael Leigh Cook

As an American, I grew up in an era where we led the world in everything. Everything!

Neil deGrasse Tyson

I believe if people understood each other more, if people took the time and realize it's not 'all about me' and I'm on a big planet with a lot of other people and concerns, maybe we can learn how to get along with each other.

Esai Morales

I had many good managers: Wim Jansen, Martin O'Neill, Frank Rijkaard, and Alex Ferguson, to name just a few.

Henrik Larsson