Some days, I don't recognise my country, and other days, I see people being vocal and passionate, and I think, 'There's my country.'

Audra McDonald

Sometimes when you're making more errors you want to pull back, but I just need to keep going forward.

Venus Williams

I believe you have to take care of the from the team, the ones coming through, and people like Butragueno know how to do that.

Alvaro Morata

I never think of access or good will. I just want a good interview. I want guests to be informative and entertaining. I've never been concerned about someone's liking me tomorrow.

Larry King

I have no aspiration whatsoever to be the next great leading man.


I love my job… but I myself awkwardly straddling the divide between British Islam and the British media. I get pretty exhausted of having to constantly endure a barrage of lazy stereotypes, inflammatory headlines, disparaging generalisations, and often inaccurate and baseless stories.

Mehdi Hasan