Side note, I was Prom Prince. My friend and I campaigned to be Prom King and Queen, and we got the rest of the non-popular people in the school to vote for us. We didn't win, but we got Prince and Princess.

Tom Lenk

Bitcoin as an class is brilliant, as a means of payment, fantastic.

Max Keiser

I may have more than one friend with benefits. It's very healthy for the heart. I think no matter how old you are – and I am pretty up there in of numbers – I think you should do whatever makes you happy.

Florence Henderson

The decision to write full time was made when I was twenty-eight years old and had just had two small accepted for BBC Radio.

Douglas Kennedy

There's been talk of YES possibly doing something on Broadway in New York. People have approached me with that idea, and there are discussions about that.

Chris Squire

I just really want to make – to be about it, I want to make pretty music. Like Roy Orbison or Elvis, man. Those guys made beautiful, tender music.

Sturgill Simpson