The Superdome police officer on the receiving end of a butt slap from Odell Beckham Jr. is not pressing charges against the Cleveland Browns receiver, multiple outlets reported Saturday.

The 48-year-old lieutenant signed an affidavit stating he did not wish to pursue any charges, according to law enforcement sources.

On Thursday, New Orleans police obtained a warrant for Beckham on a misdemeanor charge of simple battery after he was videotaped slapping the rear end of the officer in the LSU locker following the Tigers’ national championship win against Clemson on Monday.

It remains to be seen if the New Orleans police rescind the warrant, which ESPN reports could happen as soon as this weekend.

According to, the officer had been attempting to enforce a no-smoking policy in the locker room by telling players to extinguish their celebratory cigars.

The officer, who is not employed by the New Orleans Police Department, holds a special commission that would have allowed him to Beckham under arrest. He opted not to due to the locker room’s “jovial atmosphere,” according to

Beckham, 27, was in the locker room because he played for LSU from 2011-13.

Another captured Beckham passing out cash to several Tigers players after the game.

College Football Playoff officials have said they will review their sideline and locker room guest policies following these incidents.

–Field Level Media