Regular, everyday working people in my state recognize that communities are going to have crime. They know that. The question is what do communities do about it?

Andrew Gillum

It has been suggested that those of us who are fighting to defend liberty – fighting to turn around the out-of-control spending and out-of-control debt in this country, fighting to defend the Constitution, it has been suggested that we are wacko birds.

Ted Cruz

Therapy needs to be integrated. You mustn't forget about a patient's emotional wellbeing. It is vital to the of their treatment.

Allan Hamilton

An exceptional company is the one that gets all the little details right. And the people out on the front line, they know when things are not going right, and they know when things need to be improved. And if you to them, you can soon improve all those niggly things which turns an average company into an exceptional company.

Richard Branson

We didn't start at 'Fallout 3' and think about how to add to that. We take a step back and think, 'Okay, if we look at all the 'Fallout' games, what would a new one feel like?' So the focus is not ''Fallout 3' plus this'. Then we start really digging into the world.

Todd Howard

My main concern with the of mathematics in high school is that there's a lot of fear involved! Math is not, generally speaking, presented in a fun way. The concepts, as I see them, are fun, and that's the way I'd like to convey them myself.