Reality TV has totally destroyed soap operas. They're gone. They used to be the thing in the world – they're gone.

Gilbert Gottfried

'Silicon Valley' being satirized. They've all been for someone to come along and make fun of it.

Daniel Lyons

I lived my as a village girl in Kojo, south of Sinjar region. I did not know anything about the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nadia Murad

The stainless-steel frets were a major breakthrough, because of the amount of playing and bending that I do. I have to get my guitars refretted every couple of months.

Eddie Van Halen

There's certainly more new SF available than when I started writing. That means there's also more bad SF available. Whether there is also more good is a matter for future historians of the field.

Alan Dean Foster

I'm not somebody that just has one or two things in life that are laserlike focused.

Paul Allen