Radio you the opportunity to pontificate and elaborate extensively.

Stephen A. Smith

Because of who I am and what I've accomplished, everything is pretty much given to me. People cater to me all the time. It's almost like I've lost that edge – lost the ability to want something and then put in the work necessary to get it.

Ken Shamrock

Fruit in the morning is such a big joy for me. I like to grab fruit from the tree, et cetera. I don't feel that way with vegetables. Fruit, you can eat it at any time, any moment, in any type of situation. I like everything about fruit; I like the color.

Christian Louboutin

I'm not into clothes. Don't understand it. I don't understand those over-exaggerated jean sizes so they hang off your back… I just don't understand it.

Ozwald Boateng

I try not to be influenced by or popularity.


We need to be more supportive with everything. With body images, especially with women, that all sizes are beautiful. And I'm talking about in magazines, advertisement in regard to what's sexy and what's not sexy. We all need to be a little more supportive of each other.