Putin and his advisers don't understand the power of opinion in the West. They believe in conspiracy theories and that someone is orchestrating a malicious campaign against Russia. They don't realize that even conservative politicians have to react when newspapers and express their concern on such an issue.

Alexei Navalny

As a quarterback, I appreciated the passer rating whether you threw the a majority of the time or if you didn't throw it as much. You were judged on a level playing field, and I thought teams should be ranked similarly.

Troy Aikman

I've always had as many friends who are women as friends who are guys.

I find beauty in imperfection.

Rachel Morrison

I believe that the Kane/Undertaker story, if you look at epic storytelling like Greek mythology, that is what it is. It is the best piece of epic storytelling that the WWE has ever done.


What me was the love of making music and having no one around and just saying, 'I've gotta this out.'