Prom drops girls squarely into the beauty spending pipeline.

Rachel Simmons

I love the U.K. It's so different over there from America, you know, the culture and stuff. It's pretty awesome.

Austin Mahone

If I see three oranges, I have to juggle. And if I see two towers, I have to walk.

Philippe Petit

As a child, I did watch some Hindi movies at home with Dad, but I didn't know who anyone was. I wasn't interested, honestly.

Nargis Fakhri

I go back to St. Lucia, and the exhilaration I feel is not simply the exhilaration of homecoming and of nostalgia. It is almost an irritation of feeling: 'Well, you never got it right. Now you have another chance. Maybe you can try and look harder.'

Derek Walcott

If the economy is still going forward, even at 40 miles an hour, 50 miles an hour, I think most people will stick with President Obama. I think people look at politics like they hire a plumber. I hire you to fix the bad pipe. If you fix it, I'll rehire you. If you don't fix it, I'm not going to rehire you.

Dick Gephardt