Probably the most formative experience was reading the 'Foundation' trilogy when I was about twelve years old. That wasn't the first science fiction I had ever read, but it's something that stands out in my memory as having had a big impact on me.

Ted Chiang

The medal just was an object, just a medal, and that's it. What really meant something was the blood, the sweat, the tears that went into getting that medal. I'll always have the memories of that with me.

I auditioned for 'S.N.L.' two years before I got on the show. And I the first thinking, 'I know for sure I'm not going to get this.' But I had this feeling that I would be back.

Noel Wells

My only experience with things is through movies.

Gabriella Wilde

The thing I think is often misunderstood about Ripple is people say, 'Oh, Ripple is a centralized platform.' To me, this is a legacy perspective. Ripple's technology, IRP, is open source; XRP Ledger is open source.

Brad Garlinghouse

I do think it is possible to be in love with two people at the same time.

Morena Baccarin