People think I've got a problem with the press. Actually I have no problem with the press, but just like in football there are a handful who cause problems because they're disrespectful, they're lazy, and above all – and this is what really gets to me – they haven't worked to get there.

Gordon Strachan

I had never taken any economics. I didn't know what it was. I thought it was just about the study of money.

David Autor

What I'm trying to do is to make films – 'I Origins' is one of them – with the new generation of filmmakers. I want to support that.

Michael Pitt

There are interesting tensions that will occur with any relationship. No matter what setting, what era, the tension is very, very real. It's basic human tension.

Lyriq Bent

I have blue eyes, and before I knew anything about fashion – I'm talking about the second grade – I learned I would get a compliment if I wore a blue shirt.

B. J. Novak

When smiles, I smile to think how she will frown.

Robert Southwell