Particularly when you're young, you're terribly flattered by people who like you, so you think you love them.

Clare Balding

Film is a dramatised reality and it is the director's job to make it appear real… an audience should not be conscious of technique.

David Lean

You should breathe deeply and chant, 'Money will easily and effortlessly flow into my life' as often as you can every day. Things will start to change after a month. If you believe you will be financially secure, then you are opening yourself up to change.

Louise L. Hay

Analysing games on the TV is something that appeals to me, and anything where you watch football and get paid for it is not a bad living!

Peter Crouch

I like expansive stuff that has a lot of space in it, like some of the early Pink Floyd albums.

Steven Price

When Larry and Sergey founded Google Search, one of the things that struck me is that it was available for everyone to use. We deeply desire our services to work for everyone. And that inherently means we have to work with partners. That is the thesis underlying everything we do.

Sundar Pichai