One thinks that one is winning when we slap tariffs or introduce barriers to imports from another country, and we think we win. But you lose when you export because the other countries are going to raise tariffs as well. They're going to introduce barriers as well. So you win with one hand and you lose with the other.

Roberto Azevedo

My form's good in practice, but that doesn't count for anything, really.

Stephen Hendry

There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them.

George Orwell

I think we're scared of intimacy – all of us, a little bit.

Brit Marling

Poetry for me is very easy. It's like a lightning bolt. I feel this calling, and the first line of the poem comes into my head, and I just have to go to the page, to the typewriter, to the computer or whatever and write it.

Gioconda Belli

There are so many young women who tip over into being a facsimile: they don't really inhabit their lives or their bodies.

Susie Orbach