One of the things is that the good intentions of Prohibition, from reading over the years and from becoming obsessed with the research of gangs in New York City, seems to have allowed crime figures at the time, like Luciano, Capone, Torrio and Rothstein, to organize to become more powerful, which pulled all the way through until the '70s.

Martin Scorsese

The overall policing budget is protected.

Theresa May

I enjoyed reading and learning at school, and at university I enjoyed extending my reading and learning. Once I left Cambridge, I went to Yale as a fellow. I spent two years there. After that, George Gale made me literary editor of 'The Spectator.'

Peter Ackroyd

I think there's a right time for everything, and I'm a true believer that everything happens for a reason.

Bella Hadid

Good athletes will be there at good competitions, but I don't think about them; I just think of bettering my own time.

Hima Das

Great poetry is always written by somebody straining to go beyond what he can do.

Stephen Spender