On July 18, we will mark the 12th anniversary of the senseless loss of 85 lives in the bombing of the Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tom Lantos

I think you should automatically donate your organs because that would turn the balance of organ donation in a huge way. I would donate whatever anybody would take, and I'd probably do the cremation bit.


I thought it was a really good contrast to have a really sweet, sincere, church girl sitting next to the church lady who seemed kind of, you know, over the top.

Victoria Jackson

I speak Cantonese, and I speak Tagalog.

Reggie Lee

I don't know any neighborhoods where everyone's walking around in seven- heels and perfect makeup.

Melissa McCarthy

It is not the strong who are dangerous to the world and to themselves. It is the weak and the inadequate who threaten – and sometimes destroy – mankind's peace and prosperity.

Vernon Howard