Marlon and I – for some reason, even today – even today, we can't say two words to each other. We really can't talk to each other. You know, I say to him – Marlon can't talk. I mean, he'd talk to you. But he can't talk.

Anthony Quinn

Some Marines made fun of the fact that I had done plays and studied poetry, but then I won the award for physical training.

David Hunt

I get to play some zany, multilayered, very complex individuals.

Tituss Burgess

I'm 47, You learn is short and it's not worth doing something if you don't enjoy it.

Trisha Yearwood

I love the way my tattoos look. I especially love Japanese-style tattoos and being sleeved by them, so it's not just these little individual and unrelated pieces, but everything's working together to create a larger design.

Nikki Sixx

Gay men in a very real way created my career.

Marianne Williamson