New York's various undergrounds can make for a disciplined apprenticeship, and Gaga takes pride in her earliest fan base of art, fashion and music students.

Darryl Pinckney

If you look at 'Breaking Bad,' nothing lacks.

Michelle Monaghan

For very long, I wasn't able to find a place for myself in movies. After my initial success, I didn't know how to capitalise on it.

Randeep Hooda

I only use one side of the Physicians Formula Twin Cream Concealer Opens a New Window – the yellower side. It's great for covering up red spots.

Camilla Luddington

When I say things like 'Marriage should be between one man and one woman,' I'm called a bigot.

Rick Santorum

I always had good reactions from people with a good eye and a vision… and very terrible reactions from those who are afraid of people who are different to others – at the beginning and even now. I have never worried about it too much.

Rei Kawakubo