Never take anything for granted.

Benjamin Disraeli

I had just left Yes and had done a concert at Palace, London, with a choir and orchestra playing my solo album 'Journey To The Centre Of The Earth' when I had my heart attack. That day, I hadn't been to bed for four days. I don't remember much. I felt very numb during the day and airy, which is the best way to it.

Rick Wakeman

Every single 'no' that you get, you know that that was an experience that you learned from. Keep going.

Kirstin Maldonado

If there is one currency that helped Wikileaks take on the might of the U.S. Government, it was Bitcoins.

Ravi Subramanian

Racism, in the first place, is a used by the wealthy to increase the profits they bring in by paying Black workers less for their work.

Angela Davis

The moment you've convinced someone that you truly understand her dreams and feelings, and behavioral change becomes possible, and the foundation for a breakthrough has been laid.

Christopher Voss