My stories are Alaska stories, and they need to be told in Alaska. Evergreen Films is located in Alaska; the company does amazing work, and I am thrilled at the prospect of working together.

Dana Stabenow

I want to create a foundation, like a maison, in my home in the Marais. I am going to leave everything there. I am only passing through. I'm not a proprietor of anything, even if I have and things.

Azzedine Alaia

I think we need to thinking about grounding our moral systems in our biology.

Frans de Waal

I never really knew what cuisine was when I was a little boy in Canada. For me, Italian food was 'Kraft Dinner' or pizza. When I moved to New York, that's when I discovered all the Italian food.

Sebastian Bach

I can't help feeling that I am not a very important person, and being treated like one gives me strange feelings.

Sally Rooney

Politically, China suppresses its people, but because the government allows some freedom in economic matters, business has become the ultimate expression of individuality.

Li Lu