My dad gave me my first bike at 16. I soon off and was in a wheelchair for weeks. I haven't since.

Hugh Laurie

The best and most love story for markets is one based on a healthy and dynamic real economy that creates jobs and opportunities for many more people.

Mohamed El-Erian

Democratic politicians, liberal activists and liberal news outlets routinely deploy incendiary rhetoric and wicked accusations to marginalize Republicans.

Gary Bauer

Large-caps were in 1996, '97, '98. Everybody was buying index funds and Nifty Fifty funds. As long as money was pouring in, it was great.

Louis Navellier

Cyclists need to help themselves and should not jump red lights. I would ride in London, but I certainly wouldn't ride like that; you just have to be careful. I can understand going down the outside of traffic, but you should obey the rules of the road because we're all road users.

Laura Trott

Most people would accept that people come to London from across the world, from all kinds of backgrounds, and are accepted here irrespective of their origins.

Boris Johnson