My best memories growing up are of putting on musicals with my mom and dad, Both of them are hams; it was like vaudeville in East Hampton.

Alexa Ray Joel

Sometimes, disaster can inspire ingenuity.

Michael Arden

I think Donald Trump taps into an anger that I hear every day. People are angry that a commonsense thing like securing the border or ending sanctuary is somehow considered extreme. It's not extreme; it's common sense. We need to secure the border.

Carly Fiorina

Dr. King's general principles are universal. But the things he confronted took place in another era.

Al Sharpton

I don't take any of the medications I took when I was younger: antibiotics, antacids, aspirin, asthma inhalers, ulcer medication, allergy shots.

Alicia Silverstone

I have never limited myself by focusing much on being a 'normal' teenager.

Mikaela Shiffrin