Music is really driving my whole life.

Ariana Grande

In the fourth-grade talent show, my buddies and I dressed up like the California Raisins – they were big then! – and lip-synched.

Matt Czuchry

If you want to know what the biggest thing in your way to an improved standard of living, higher pay, a more rewarding career is: and the Democrat Party and their policies. They are the roadblock.


If I go on dates, my mom is always with me. She's always there making sure I'm all right. Like if I go to see a movie with a boy, she'll go to dinner next door.

Ariel Winter

The family is something you are always missing, but it has to be like this. It is not for any manager to be with your family, in your house, and working at your nearest club. So you have to travel.

Rafael Benitez

'The Goonies' is classic. That's, like, the movie I bring with me if I go out of town for a long time, because it just makes me think of the best times I've seen it with my friends growing up. Dude, everybody knows that movie, everybody watches that film. Best family film ever made.

Logan Lerman