Most of us feel overburdened by information, although I would say the overloaded feeling comes more from coordinating all of the information and responding to it.

David Rose

I think what helps me is that delegations of all sizes – the small, the medium, the large, the largest – they all have seen me in action. They all have seen me unlocking blockages, unlocking impasses for several years now, and they all know that… I can bring a constructive mood to the table.

Roberto Azevedo

I was a waitress for six years in New York. I actually got fascinated to see how and how good a waitress I could be. I was doing it, so I tried to do it as well as I could.

Mary Steenburgen

I never saw The live. I was very aware of them, though.

Ron Howard

I've loved sci-fi and speculative since I was a kid. It was inevitable I'd try my hand at it at some point.

Rick Yancey

Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.