Man's best friend – that's what are. I have two dogs. I love and treat them like family.

Tito Ortiz

While Fidel Castro used to deliver his marathon seven-hour speeches in Havana, Cubans used to joke that if Spanish lacked a future tense, their leader would be speechless. He was only fluent in broken promises, they lamented.

Brin-Jonathan Butler

All owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. King for his bravery and commitment to civil rights and nonviolence that changed this nation – and world – for the better.

Eliot Engel

I am a father, I am very aware of the things that I'm putting out in the world knowing that one day my children will watch the work that I've done. I want to be able to stand by it.

David Oyelowo

'Never Gonna Give You Up' in 1987 was a international hit followed by several more, and while I appreciated how lucky I was, it catapulted me into a completely new world and simply took over my life.

Rick Astley

When I started as a actor, my didn't tell me anything.

Mahesh Babu