Like Iran and Syria supplied Hezbollah with sophisticated anti-tank rockets – Matisse, Cornet, and other RPGs that great damage to Israeli tanks and Israeli infantry in 2006 – they did the same in Gaza with Hamas.

Ronen Bergman

Hopefully, as I get older in the business, I make my choices more accurately, and I perhaps know from either the or the first that it isn't going to work.

Ben Kingsley

We were on welfare when we were kids. Thanks for reminding me of that.

Louie Anderson

I don't have a problem with my temper.


Workfare will merely accentuate the growth of the low-paying, insecure labour market.

Guy Standing

I've never been pregnant, so I just feel God didn't mean for me to have kids so that everybody else's children could be mine.

Dolly Parton