even when I speak, I think I speak the same way I write. I kind of see it a certain way, and it leads me to write it exactly how I'm seeing it.

Anthony Hamilton

If there are who treat me wrong, I either to them about it, or I don't talk to them anymore. It's been the most thoughtful and considerate thing I could do for myself and other people. I am going to try to do that forever.

Lucy Dacus

I may not be the conventional girl, but that doesn't mean I'm not a pretty girl. Or that any girl isn't a pretty girl.

Rain Dove

Neymar is probably tired of about him.

Lucas Moura

Our bodies are finely tuned machines, and if our hormone mixtures aren't 'just right', everything goes into disrepair.

Suzanne Somers

Trends die. That's the natural thing about a trend. It's natural for to be followers and be sheep and go with a trend.