Liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men.

Marcus Garvey

William Dalrymple called me a war junkie in his silly book. No, I don't have a desire for it. I'm appalled and infuriated by it.

Robert Fisk

You don't get to be in the squad unless you're six feet tall, a supermodel, perfect, famous, and hot. That's like hand selecting perfection, putting it into a group of girls, and saying, 'Look how amazing we are.'

Erin Foster

Rock was born in the South, so saying 'Southern rock' is like saying 'rock rock.'

Duane Allman

Kids love Lady Gaga because she's a freak, and she's one of the few people doing that, but unfortunately, Lady Gaga hasn't got the tunes. She's not David Bowie or Roxy Music.

Noel Fielding

I am a United States citizen and I vote.

Martha Plimpton