Let Indian history be set side by side with Europe history with what there is of the latter century by century and let us see whether India need blush at the comparison.

Annie Besant

I wasn't bullied by the mean girls in high school. I'm just bullied by adults and teenagers all over the world.

Hailey Baldwin

I was quite capable at school, but I spent a lot of time in detention.

Dick Strawbridge

I have tender, romantic associations with upstate New York.

Vera Farmiga

If you can contribute 45 minutes – one hour a day a week exercising, you're going to be a healthy person. You can cut down on diabetes and all of these manmade problems we have. I do embrace the fact that I can maybe be a voice for people to realize that it's not as hard that people think. I'm a pretty passionate person.

Mehcad Brooks

When I was in school, I was always writing scripts and dressing up as characters. I'd constantly be that guy who'd get up on stage. I used to write imaginary TV shows, like soap operas, for fun.

Chris Lilley