Lack of diversity in Hollywood has been well documented thanks to #OscarSoWhite, but lack of diversity in the documentary world is less talked about.

Roger Ross Williams

Anyone graduating from medical school in 1966 had first to fulfill military service before launching a career. Fiercely opposed to the Vietnam War, I sought to avoid it through an to the Public Health Service.

Harold E. Varmus

I'm not a model or an actress; I'm just a 23 year old who likes to talk about science. Why does what I look like matter so much?

Elise Andrew

For foreign aid to become more effective, it must embrace the power of partnerships, access the transformative nature of free enterprise, and leverage the abundant resources that can come from the private sector.

Mitt Romney

People tend to like an athlete's performance, but if you don't get a for the individual, you're not very emotive about them.

Daley Thompson

To be candid, some people have given positive thinking a bad name. I can't stand to hear some gung-ho individual say that with positive thinking you can just do 'anything.' If you think about that one for a moment, you recognize the absurdity of it.

Zig Ziglar